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Saturday, July 10th from 3-5p (MST) live IN-PERSON or remote via Zoom

We are not happy and this is because our mind is not our friend. Yet, our only friend is our mind, but we don’t know how to use it. We need to learn meditation to equip our mind so that nobody can take advantage of us. When our mind is strong we can live with excellence, elegance, and grace.


In this workshop, we will do the Silver Grain Meditation set which is very rare. We will massage the hypothalamus, pressurize ida and pingala, and centralize our own energy. This meditation set will teach us about our growth and we will invigorate our own body, mind, and spirit.

$40 LIVE in-person*
$20 Live Stream*

10 spots available

This workshop will also be livestreamed over Zoom.

A confirmation email will be sent upon successful registration. *If you don't receive a confirmation email your registration did not go through.

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