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Authentic & Affordable Kundalini Yoga

"Awakening the heart one mind at a time"
- Dr. PrabhuSukh Singh
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If you are ready to feel alive and actually be happy, then you are ready to try kundalini yoga. The purpose of yoga is to bring you to your fullest potential through scientific activation of your dormant power of kundalini, which already exists within you. All human beings deserve to find happiness, which often only comes through a steady daily practice or discipline.

In kundalini yoga we use mantras, movement, meditations and mudras to increase the flow of energy or prana within each individual. Often times the poses/asanas can be repetitive or held for extended periods of time. This is intended to directly activate your dormant power of kundalini.


The word "yoga" comes from the word "yoke," "to join together," or "to unite." The sushumna nadi (or central channel) represents sattva-guna (purity), the present, and the unconscious. It has only the positive aspects of faith in spirituality, nurturing, and revelation. An awakening kundalini first ascends Sushumna to Ajna chakra, and then descends through Ida and Pingala in a melting form. Passing through the gate of Ajna chakra, one reaches Sahasrara, which is the kingdom of God.

‘Yoga’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘union’ with the divine.


Prabhusukh Singh PhD has been studying eastern philosophy for over 25 years including Buddhism, Taoism, acupuncture, chi kung and martial arts. He has earned a bachelor’s degree in molecular biology, a master’s degree, and a dual PhD in neuroscience and physiology. He has also done several yoga teacher trainings and continues to learn, expand, and grow into the discipline of yoga. Prabhusukh Singh PhD is also an intuitive healer using deep meditative states of consciousness to help and heal others. His passion is in integrating yogic techniques, meditation, healing intention, and western knowledge of the human body.


Yoga Classes

Remote & in-person in Boulder, CO

Sundays from 8:00a - 9:15a ($15-20)

Tuesdays from 6:45p - 7:45p ($15)

If you are interested in attending either remotely or in-person simply sign up here.

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"In true Kundalini fashion, Prabhusukh invites his students to explore their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual selves with a gentle hand. His unique strengths as a teacher manifest when he shares bits of his own Kundalini journey through personal story and when he performs gong music during savasana. I recommend his classes wholeheartedly."
"Prabhusukh Singh is an inspired and solid teacher whose energy is positive and transformational. He has a genuine, kind heart and that comes through to hold a space of healing for all who come to his classes"
"I recently attended Prabhusukh Singh's class in Boulder for the first time. Thank you so much! During class with Prabhusukh I saw a yellowish white healing light around all of the practitioners and in that moment sensed the power of the practice. Thanks and I look forward to seeing you next time in class."
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