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Private Intuitive Healing Sessions


Intuitive healing uses subtle awareness and a deep meditative state of consciousness to heal. Entering into this state of meditative awareness means entering into a state of total surrender and operating from emptiness with no preconceived expectations.


Although closely related to yoga it transcends the dependency on form such as in a yoga pose to directly heal. This place of healing is most often reached in a one-on-one setting of healer and client. This modality if part of the kundalini yoga tradition and is call Sat Nam Rasayan.


In private healing sessions we can address specific issues, help you relax, or simply increase overall health. Individual sessions are $78/session. You can also book a 3-session package for $200, a 15% savings. Each session takes about 1 hour.


Currently only Remote sessions are offered. 

If you'd like to schedule please email.

Individual Session $78

3-Session Package $200


"I have received an intuitive healing from Prabhusukh several times. The sessions are gentle, subtle, and effective. I’ve left each session feeling energetically lighter, more mentally balanced, and have had noticeably improved sleep!"
“I received an intuitive healing session from Prabhusukh and was extremely impressed with the potency of the experience. Prabhusukh was extremely compassionate and informative in answering all my questions and explaining the experience. As soon as we started it was very clear that this is an extremely powerful modality. The experience was quite visceral and emotional, but in a very positive way. Emotions and body sensations came up and moved through pretty gently and quickly throughout the journey. I'm still not entirely sure what happened during the experience and it is a bit hard to describe but it definitely progressed me in the things I am working on and I would highly recommend the experience and Prabhusukh in general!”
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