Rebirthing: House Cleaning II
Saturday, May 15th from 2-4p (MST) live IN-PERSON or remote via Zoom

Humans operate from fear. We are afraid we’ll be lonely or rejected or unloved or poor. Life is based on insecurity and fear. When we operate from insecurity and fear, then we remain in our animal nature.


We should operate from a divine point of view. To do this we need guts, strength, and nobility.


Our subconscious mind is clogged with incomplete dreams and irrational fears. In this workshop we will re-pattern the neurons to unclog the subconscious mind. We will work with the Heart’s magnetic field to clear the ida and pingala and balance shushmana.

$40 LIVE in-person

5277 Manhattan Circle

Suite 250

Boulder, CO 80303

$27 Live Stream

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