Rebirthing: Getting rid of transit memories
Saturday Oct. 24th from 4-6p at Raj Yoga Boulder

This will be a full online immersion for a 2-hour event! Our inner insecurity is responsible for our pain, displeasure, unhappiness, and poverty, which is caused by a thinking dialogue. We have so much loaded unconscious junk in the mind and we blame depression; it is the cause of everything. That is why there is emptiness, hollowness, and shallowness in life.


In this Rebirthing, we will enter the space to release a lot of fear and phobia through the front side, which is where we have a stored bundle of garbage. We’ll work on the top part of the brain stimulating the central connecting chord between left and right. When we develop our inner self our mind can see everything. We can hone the intuition so that we know what the psyche is doing. The idea is to make us happy.

$35 in studio (2 spots left)
$35 Live in-person
$15 Live Stream

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