Rebirthing: Cleaning the Mind
July 18th from 4-6p at Raj Yoga Boulder

This will be a full online immersion for a 2-hour event! We will delve deep into the subconscious mind to clean out clutter that is blocking us from fulfilling our potential. We carry tons of garbage in our minds which can turn into constant fear. This constant fear becomes a phobia. We can then become paranoid leading to hysteria that manifests as subconscious fear. All of this mental garbage gets stored in our subconscious minds and begins to overflow. It overflows in dreams and nightmares. In this Rebirthing, we will exercise our mental power to unload our subconscious garbage using the lens and lever of asana, pranayam, mudra, and sound. To this end, we will get rid of our mental dirt releasing insecurity and achieving better intuition, sensitivity, and strength.

$35 in studio (15 student limit)
$15 Livestream
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