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New Moon Rebirthing Workshop
Monday, February 20th 2023 from 5:30-7:30p (MST) 
IN-PERSON & live streaming

In the Rebirthing Workshops we first supercharge our energy body through yoga postures (Asanas) and breathing techniques (Pranayam). Then we use deep meditation and mudras to release our subconscious garbage stored in the mind. During which time we use the perpetual sound of the gong to clean and clear the unseen from the mind. In the final stages, the sound current (Naad Yoga) is used through chanting to set our frequency to the new bio-rhythms within us.

In yogic terms, we work with sushumna, ida and pingala. We can hone the intuition so that we know what the psyche is doing. This improves our strength, sensitivity, and self-control. In the end, ultimately we are removing fears and phobias that block us from fulfilling our own selves and living a happy life.

$40 In-person* (+$2 cc fee)
$40 Online* (+$2 cc fee)

Meadows Massage Meditation & Yoga

43357 Somerset Ct 

Elizabeth, CO 80107

5 spots available

A confirmation email will be sent upon successful registration. *If you don't receive a confirmation email your registration did not go through.

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