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Rebirthing Workshop: Letting go of the Pain of the 7th Year
Saturday, January 1st from 2-4p (MST) live over Zoom

The pain in our lives can be unbearable, physical, and emotional. This can lead to social fear and phobias. We complicate ourselves by catering to our neuroses, our self-created fears. When we do this we have garbage that stinks. We should cater to our wisdom and consciousness then we can be beautiful, successful, and happy.


When we practice pranayam we stimulate our energy making the impossible possible, asana we confront death, pratyahar we can be mentally clear. If you have dharana we have intuition and the ability to penetrate with the psyche.


In this workshop we’ll straighten out the mind. We’ll go into the 7th year of pain. It’s called the 7th step of the child. A lot of problems will be solved in our lives. We will control the neuron’s rhythms to be anything we want.

$27 Live Stream*

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