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Rebirthing Workshop: Unloading the Past of Harsh Memories


Your problem is you are neurotic; yesterday has no value unless you grow up today.

In the past, you’ve developed a lot of anger and mental pain which more serious than physical pain. Life is a lie if basic truth is not found.


The pranic power is the power of life. The Pranic Shakti. Mental energy has to be controlled and it is controlled by the breath – Pavan. Pavan is the power. Your life moves in an electromagnetic field on an axle and within an orbit with the prana flowing through it.


In this workshop we are going to offload our past of harsh memories. We’ll use self-hypnosis so the subconscious can work through it. We’ll get rid of a lot of mental garbage.


“Rebirthing is a process in which an individual, her psyche, and her pranic psyche are reunited at the time when the breath of life became the supporter of life, the original pure psyche from the Navel Point.” – Yogi Bhajan

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