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Ten Bodies - Pranic Body

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Pranic Body is the electromagnetic force of life and circulates the prana throughout the physical body. There is a strong relationship between the pranic and physical body. These two bodies are connected through the breath or the physical act of breathing. The pranic body communicates through the mind and lungs, but doesn’t contribute to thoughts. The relationship between the pranic and physical body is what allows Yogi’s to heal themselves and others as well as live long healthy lives.

With a strong pranic body we are full of health and vitality. We have a sense of fearlessness. When the breath is weak your pranic body is weak and your life will be out of balance. This will allow dis-ease to develop in the physical body. Just try to hold your breath out as long as possible and you will get a kick of fear from the kidneys and adrenals the compels you to breath. This is the fear of death. This is why we have fearlessness when we have a strong pranic body.

Our ability to focus and develop our pranic body IS our ability to expand. We are yogis when we are aware of our pranic body and we are practicing breath control. As Kundalini yogis we can experience the rising of Kundalini when we hold the breath out and contract the bandhas.

It is traditionally thought that each of us has a certain number of pranic breaths for each life we live. There are ways to draw out these pranic breaths using yogic breathing techniques. For example, slowing the breath to a 1-minute breath to a 20-20-20 format. Inhale, hold, exhale each for 20 seconds. Another is Breath of Fire, which is considered to count as only 1 pranic breath.

Your pranic body will penetrate the radiant body and join with the subtle body to help guide the soul. When the prana leaves the physical body or is separated from it, then the body dies. This is why “prana” means primary energy. It is the primary energy that gives us life.


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