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Ten Bodies - Radiant Body

The Radiant Body gives us courage; it has the ability to magnetically attract what we want. It can influence and bring prosperity. The radiant body is your bright and beautiful shining armor. It doesn’t act right when clouded by fear.

When your radiant body is strong good luck comes to you. It comes to you because of your electromagnetic field and the radiance of your 10th body. When your radiant body is effective you don't have to say a word. It is the strength of the radiant body that brings you success. “The physical body is just a basement; the radiant body is the top story, the 10th floor. Period. That's what Kundalini yoga is about; to build strength in you. You become you.”

The radiant body is your body of projection, while the first nine bodies are mostly receptive. The 10th body is the sum of the electromagnetic activity of the other 9 bodies. We must project as well as receive. The radiant body is about projecting and it is how we communicate our inner radiance to the outside world.


Prabhusukh Singh, PhD

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