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Ten Bodies - Subtle Body

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Subtle Body is all about refinement. Anything we refine over time through repetition will strengthen the subtle body. Think of professional musicians, artists, writers, dancers, etc. These can all be considered as acts of refinement, which work on the subtle body.

In Kundalini Yoga we continuously work on yoga, meditation, and chanting mantra. This moves us closer to our soul body through refinement, or working on the subtle body. Self-awareness is the goal and working on our subtle body will get us to that self-awareness.

The subtle body is larger than the soul, is very etheric in nature, and relates to infinity. When we create a powerful subtle body we can then understand the subtle nature of life. We will never be trapped in perversion or negativity. People will trust you. The subtle body can refine input from the soul. It can make small distinctions in our decisions that lead to much better outcomes. It is the antidote to black and white thinking in a sense.

This body is the protector of our health and vitality. It is the most powerful of all our ten bodies. In order to strengthen this body we continue to do meditation. Doing a single meditation for 1000 days is one of the best ways to strengthen the subtle body. As we come more in tune with our subtle body we move closer to God consciousness.


Prabhusukh Singh, PhD

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