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Ten Bodies - Auric Body

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Auric Body is the 7th of the 10 bodies and is a protective electromagnetic field that surrounds you and is a faculty of your magnetic psyche. This body records almost everything that happens in your psyche, your Akashic record. A strong auric body will repel negativity. The aura is the first point of contact between two individuals. For example, have you ever just felt good in someone’s presence? Or the opposite, you’ve felt bad or that something was wrong? This is your auric body communicating to you.

The auric body is your shield in your present environment and gives sensitivity to the surrounding environment. It is close to you in the present time and space, or the now. It is like a protective bubble. When our aura is strong it gives a sense of our own identity. For example, when you are clear in your own auric presence and other people are around you, you might have some strange thoughts. Most often these thoughts are not yours but you are picking them up from someone else’s auric field. As you can imagine this requires you to be quite clear what constitutes “you” vs. the “other” in terms of your auric field.

Ideally, the auric field should be about 9 feet on each side all around us. When the aura is strong it can move faster than you. If someone has a weak aura, then they are weak. Drugs and alcohol will substantially weaken the auric body. When the aura is only about 3 feet on each side, then you will behave like an animal, operating from instinct. Your animal nature will dominate your behavior. When the aura is strong it makes you strong and healthy. You can tap in to your subtle nature, your divinity.


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