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Ten Bodies - Arc Body (Line)

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Arc Body or Line is your halo. It stretches from earlobe to earlobe. The Arc Line guides you on your way. It controls your Aura. It is your shield and protection. The Arc Line is involved with your destiny and fate.

The strength of the Arc Line is your strength. The strength of your body, your doing. The strength of the Arc Line is the power of your projection! The stronger your Arc Line the stronger your projection. It gives you your ability to get things done and to a certain extent the ability to influence others.

You have probably heard the term intuition? The Arc Line is the powerhouse or director of intuition. It can tell you about situations that are distant from you in time and space. These are intuitive sort of impulses. The stronger the Arc Line the stronger and easier to understand are these intuitive happenings.

There is a unique relationship between the Arc Line and the Aura as well. The Arc Line is a battery or powerhouse for the Auric Body. As such, the Arc Line can reveal someone’s overall energetic state and/or demeanor. It is a total barometer of your energy state and level.

A weak Arc Line leaves you vulnerable to disease, sickness, and generally bad energy. Someone with a weak Arc Line may always complain of being tired and needing to rest. Excessive fear can also be associated with a weak Arc Line. With your Arc Line out of place you are defenseless.

Someone with an Arc Line that is too strong might be a bully that runs people over that they perceive as in their way. There are stories of Yogi’s that abuse their abilities. For example, they’ve grown very strong in their Arc Line projection and then use this to improperly influence others. When we develop strength in our Arc Line it is up to us to use it for the benefit of humanity. This is what makes us Raj Yogi’s rather than just Yogi’s.

A balanced Arc Line is desired and the best way to create balance and/or strengthen the Arc Line is simply meditation. This is the single most effective method for enhancing your Arc Line abilities. Another way is to honor your word! This is the first agreement of Don Miguel Ruiz’s book. We build integrity and honor when we treat our “word” with reverence and respect.

The Arc Line is the 6th body, but also the first etheric body. This means it is the beginning of our communication with the Infinite Intelligence. The stronger this body is the more powerful our prayers and thoughts will be.


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