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Ten Bodies - Negative Mind

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The negative mind is the 2nd of the 10 bodies.

The negative mind calculates risk and protects you. If your negative mind is out of balance you cannot protect yourself through intelligence alone. The job of the negative mind is to automatically think negatively about each and everything that happens or thought that comes, its obligatory. The negative mind negates everything that comes to you no matter how positive it actually may be.

The job of the negative mind is to show you the negative side of each thought, however, if your negative mind is out of balance, you misunderstand its role. The onslaught of negative thoughts leads to fear and doubt. Our worst enemy is when we have doubt in our minds. With doubt in the mind our lives will be tumultuous and unfulfilling.

The negative mind is interconnected with the 2nd chakra, or the seat of creativity. Thus, when balanced, the negative mind boosts creativity in our lives. The negative mind is also closely linked in the physical realm with our kidneys and the emotion of fear. In Chinese medicine 5-element theory, the kidneys are the storehouse of fear. Too much fear, leads to doubt and uncertainty. When we operate from too much fear we move towards acting from instinct, rather than our human kindness.

When the negative mind is balanced you can act quickly and fearlessly. You can reduce and resolve conflicts effortlessly. When balanced, you eliminate the shadow of the negative mind gaining wisdom, self-reliance, and self-guidance.

“When the mind is backed by the will, the mind is always positive. When it’s backed by the ego, the mind is always negative. When it is backed by your will, the hand of God will protect you.” – Yogi Bhajan


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