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Ten Bodies - Positive Mind

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The Positive Body (Mind)

The positive mind is the 3rd of the 10 bodies and is the opposite and balance of the negative mind.

The positive mind is expansive and creative. It gives the qualities of involvement, action, and passion. The positive mind will create art.

The job of the positive mind is to tell you what is positive in the negative. If misused the positive mind takes information or past memories from your subconscious to support the thoughts of the negative mind. It can go into the subconscious bringing up all the old memories stored in the subconscious. If this happens it can unload your subconscious memory and pull out all the garbage and magnify it.

The other side is that the positive mind can tell you how to get out of an unfortunate situation. You can hold steady as the ups and downs of life wash over you. It will make life easy for you.

If the positive mind is too strong you can over idealize heroes, teachers, and leaders. You can be a workaholic and leap before you look. Timing for projects or directions you want to take can be off leaving you feeling isolated and alone.

A weak positive mind will make you self-conscious and too critical. You’ll lose focus and fail to complete projects. You may know what direction you should go, but are constantly seeking validation from others. You can become overly judgmental and get overwhelmed by the input from your negative mind. Maybe you jump too quickly towards a goal, such as get rich quick schemes.

A balanced positive mind allows you to feel secure and know your own sense of self. You become a master of guiding projects to completion. You can deliver a project or goal to completion strategically and with ease. You have good sense of gut instinct or intuition.

The positive mind is also related to the 3rd chakra, thus navel-strengthening exercises help to bring it into balance. You can also use affirmations, such as consciously crafted autosuggestions to “reprogram” the positive mind to help bring about changes you want in your life.

“A positive mind tells you what is right in it. It is the conscious mind, it is the gracious mind, it is the noble mind, it is the mind which has grit and courage” – Yogi Bhajan


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