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Ten Bodies - Soul Body

Updated: Jul 19, 2019

The soul body is the 1st of the 10 bodies.

Kundalini yoga can directly heal the mind, body, and emotions, but it has the most powerful effects on the soul or soul body. The soul body is timeless and contains our being consciousness. Kundalini yoga can facilitate our spiritual evolution through yoga poses as they work on aura and arc line.

The five elements of the soul body are ether, air, fire, water, and earth. The other nine bodies are given to serve the soul. One must connect with the soul in this lifetime in order to realize the divine. Through Kundalini yoga poses, kriyas, and meditations we can strengthen and heal the soul body. When we change what the soul attracts we heal our mind, body, and clear emotional blocks that can cause physical illness.

In order to realize the true nature of our soul body we should cultivate humility and creativity. One expression often used for this is “Heart over head”. This is so true and many yoga poses we do literally create this in the physical realm. The easiest example is downward dog or triangle pose in Kundalini. Can you think of some other yoga poses where the heart is inverted above the head? When we operate from this perspective we can come from a place of great humility.

Alternatively, if we operate from the head instead of the heart the tendency is to work from intellect rather than intuition. This can lead to confusion, frustration, fear, or anger. The divine spark can be stifled within us resulting in feeling of low energy. Without a the free flowing spark of the Infinite within us we can become depressed and filled with anxiety leaving us feeling weak.

The healing process is about unifying the subtle and the soul bodies, which leaves no room for doubt.


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